I’m Antonella, the founder here at Bocconcini Bakery.

Coming originally from Sardinia, Italy, I’ve always loved pizza. In 2016, I decided to turn my love for pizza into a business and Bocconcini Bakery was born.

Antonella, founder of Bocconcini Bakery


Pizza is a way of life for Italians. Growing up in Italy, I was no different. Those beautiful mouthwatering flavours and textures!

Pizzerias would serve gluten free pizzas that were bland and looked unappealing. This was a huge problem that I wanted to solve. I began to devote a great deal of time to understanding the Coeliac disease and the gluten free food solution. I also learnt how difficult it was to make and bake gluten free bases while keeping an authentic Italian crust.


After much trial and error and some hilarious disasters, my team and I finally cracked the code. We created the perfect gluten free pizza base that looked and tasted like an authentic Italian pizza base. Hurrah!

We now supply our highly artisanal, tasty, gluten free pizza bases to the best pizzerias across the UK, ensuring all their customers, gluten intolerant or not, can share in the fun and culinary experience.

Our mission is to make sure everyone in the UK has access to the healthiest, most delicious gluten free pizza bases ever made.

A bite of happiness for everyone.